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Health, fitness and performance programmes to empower you to look, feel and perform your best. Rehab from an injury, lose weight, increase your general health and fitness or reach your best performance ever.

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What to expect at The Health Quest

A smart approach to health and fitness leads to long lasting results. We love to help you find your own way to achieve health and optimal performance. We believe that we offer very individualised programmes tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

Personal and small group

It is our mission to empower you to look, feel and perform your best.

You can train 1 to 1 and receive our undivided attention, guiding you through your individual programme.


You can train in a small group of up to 4 people and enjoy the support of everyone in the group.

Either way, we always aim to help you reach your goals whilst providing you with all the support you deserve.

Golf specific
fitness training

Rotational Strength and Conditioning is a key part in golf. Peter carefully assesses his golfing clients in order to help them create a consistent swing. Mobility, flexibility and stability will give you a sense of control over your swing whilst staying sharp throughout 18 holes.

Rehab to

Injuries are never fun but they have taught Peter many lessons. The pain he suffered in the past led him onto this path of helping others overcome their injuries and perform better than before. Peter is determined to help you conquer your injury and move on to being stronger, faster and better than you have ever been.

This programme is a must for any athlete who is serious about their sport.

  • Basketball players coming back after crushing knee injuries.
  • Golfers hitting the ball consistently further after severe back injuries.
  • Footballers performing better than ever after multiple groin injuries.

Our Services

We believe that we offer very individualised programmes tailored to your needs and lifestyle. We assess the human body as a whole and integrate the 6 foundational principles (movement, nutrition, breathing, sleep, hydration and thoughts) into the programmes.

Strength & Conditioning

Our S&C programme is all about coaching you into a better athlete. We aim to create stronger, faster and more explosive athletes who are resilient to injuries.
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Rehab to High-Performance

Within 12 weeks your life will change completely. You will be able to move again without pain, you will feel more confident and most of all, you will feel happy again.
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Health and Well-being

Improving your life from the inside out. Nutrition, movement, breathing, sleep, thoughts and hydration will be covered in this life-changing programme.
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Peter Haling

Head Coach

During Peter's active carreer as a semi-professional basketball player he got fascinated by injuries and wanted to know why so many people got injured.


Holly Myers

Head Coach

Holly first entered the personal training world in 2002 when her love for dancing, playing team sports & keeping a healthy body inspired her to enter herself...

Results that speak for themselves.