You deserve to win.


Having been a competitive athlete most of my life I must admit that I absolutely love winning. After years of competing on the basketball court, winning now has a different meaning to me. The injuries of the past limited my ability to play with my children which has been a major setback for me. When you commit to the process of healing your body, magic happens. When you decide to take action for yourself, magic happens. I too always happily handed over any responsibility to the doctor, physio, chiropractor, osteopath, supplements. When I didn’t get better, I would blame others. I wouldn’t do the daily exercises, I wouldn’t adhere to a low inflammatory diet, I would still get drunk every weekend but never felt the need to own up to my actions.

As soon as I started to keep myself accountable and took responsibility for my own healthy and wellbeing I saw instant changes. Changing my beliefs, altering mindset and focusing on what I want to be the end result has created a sense of focus and guidance for me. It is easy for me now to choose healthier foods. I can walk past the sweetie isle without throwing a couple of packets in my trolley. In the past I would struggle with food, A LOT. Crisps, sweets, chocolate, you name it and I liked it. I tried so many diets and with a bit of will-power I always managed to stick to it for 2-4 weeks before going back to old habits and addictions.

I live by three beliefs now.

  • I am a healthy athlete moving freely and powerfully
  • My body heals faster than the speed of light
  • I enjoy daily exercise to speed up the recovery processes

Be in charge of your own life and you will get a greater sense of respect, accomplishment and proudness.

Winning, to me, is living a pain free life which allows me play, train and be free.

Injured to Healthy
Healthy to Unstoppable