Rehab to high Performance.

Transform your life. Rehabilitate your injury. Perform your best. Feel better than ever.

Rehab to High-Performance is the best programme if you want to heal yourself from injuries.

I lived in pain for over 10 years: waking up with pain and going to bed with pain. Masking the pain with painkillers was what the medical specialist advised and I listened. Things got a lot worse and I kept looking for different people to heal me. I visited doctors, physios, massage therapists, osteopaths and chiropractors but couldn’t find anyone that was able to fix my knees and my achilles. The most relief I would have was from a doctor who injected me with homeopathic substances and ozone.

Eventually, I decided to educate myself, become a fitness instructor, personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist, metabolic typing advisor, sports fasting coach, strength and conditioning coach, … I would study anything that could push the needle in the right direction for myself. This quest turned into a great passion. A passion not only to heal myself but to empower others to heal themselves.

Rehab to High-Performance incorporates an all-round approach including mobility, corrective exercises, stretching, strengthening and most importantly psychology and mindset.

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