Rehab to high Performance.

How I saved Andreas Schreiber's professional basketball career by eliminating his back pain through an individualised exercise sequence.

Driven by the pain Peter experienced in his career as a basketball player he started learning as much as he could about the human body. Learning to be a fitness instructor and personal trainer wasn't enough for Peter. Personal trainers don't generally learn how to rehab clients from serious injuries. It was in the teachings of Paul Chek that Peter finally found a lot of value and the answers he was seeking.

Working with a professional athlete, Andreas Schreiber, made Peter realise that he could have a bigger impact on his clients' bodies by coaching them rather than training them. Andreas was crippled with sciatic pain due to a herniated disc in his low back. Unable to sprint or jump this left a pro basketball player desperate and in so much pain that he wanted to end his career as a professional athlete. Peter knew that he couldn't work with Andreas on a daily basis so he decided to coach Andreas on his online program. Calling in once a week to talk about the exercises, how Andreas was feeling and what the progress felt like enabled Peter to move forward much quicker than he could while seeing Andreas one to one once or twice a week. 12 weeks later Andreas was sprinting and dunking the ball again, amazing results considering the doctor had told him he'd never run properly again.

Working closely with us we can adjust your programme and progress as soon as possible. While working with a coach you can decide how many times per week you want to train with us. Another option is following our online training programme.

Training online only works for people who are truly committed to their health and well-being. Peter aims to help you look, feel and perform your best in the shortest time possible. Within 12 weeks your life will change completely. You will be able to move again without pain, you will feel more confident and most of all, you will feel happy again. For Andreas to be able to sleep through the night without pain was a massive life changer. You can do and feel the same.

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