Sport Fasting

Biohack your way to better performance, more energy and less fat in just 10 days.

Why Sport Fasting?

Sport Fasting is without a doubt the most efficient, most effective and most powerful training method I have ever come across to:

+ Increase your aerobic performance which allows you to exercise for longer without getting tired. You can get results in 10 days which would traditionally take someone 6-10 weeks to achieve. Your base conditioning levels are incredible after just 10 days.

+ Increase your speed of recovery after exercise so that you are ready to go again very quickly. This played a massive role for me during my basketball career. Crazy busy pre-season would affect my fatigue levels a lot less after 10 days of Sport Fasting.

+ Decrease aches and pains that are often due to inflammation so that you become more mobile and flexible. After 10 days of Sport Fasting you will moving like a supple leopard.

+ Enable you to recycle lactic acid at an extremely rapid rate so that you experience less muscle soreness and less fatigue from training sessions.

+ Turn your body into a lean fat burning machine. Once you’ve made the switch to fat for fuel you will notice that you have a lot more energy because you’re not dependent on glucose or sugars anymore. You can easily go without food for hours without getting “hangry” and you can stay a lot more focused during the day.

+ Lose weight and have a method available to keep it off which will help you to overcome all the yo-yo experiences you may have struggled with in the past. Once you’ve completed the 10 days your body is trained in burning fat. It’s like riding a bike, once you know how to do it you don’t really forget. Sport Fasting offer mini programmes which allow you to ignite your fat burning stove within 1-3 days making it super easy to stay on top of your weight.

+ Optimise your health markers to lead a longer, healthier and happier life. Blood pressure, blood glucose (diabetes), liver function and inflammation markers all change for the better. This could have a radical impact on how you feel, how you function, how you look and how you perform in daily life.

What is Sport Fasting?

Sport Fasting is a combination of endurance training, juice fasting and the right food supplements. It is a unique training method to switch your body from burning sugar to burning fat. Within 10 days your body and your metabolism will change so that you can look, feel and perform your best.

Sport Fasting includes:

Biohack your way to better performance, more energy and less fat in just 10 days.