Shine before the sun rises.


Ditch the “I’ve got no time” excuse and transform your life. You don’t need to wait for the sun to rise to start your day. You also don’t need to wait for children, spouse, pets and the birds to wake up.

We all need ME time and it’s up to you to claim it. I prefer to spend my ME time in the gym but you can do whatever you want. It’s your time, your choice.

I went through a rough patch of chasing my tail. Having a toddler and a 9yo in the house + 2 young ones in Belgium combined with running a business started to wear me down. Stopped going to the gym and stopped feeling good about myself and my accomplishments. Making the conscious effort to go to bed half an hour earlier and setting my alarm at 5am almost instantly change my mood.

Go to bed earlier
Shine before the sun rises ☀️