How Rehab to High-Performance came to life.

Rehab to High-performance Rope skipping

Rehab to High-Performance is the best programme out there if you want to heal yourself from injuries. I lived 8 years in pain, waking up with pain and going to bed with pain. Masking the pain with painkillers was what the medical specialist advised and I listened.

Eventually, I decided to educate myself, become a fitness instructor, personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist, metabolic typing advisor, sports fasting coach, strength and conditioning coach, … I would study anything that could push the needle in the right direction for myself. This quest turned into a great passion. A passion not only to heal myself but the empower others to heal themselves.

Until a few weeks ago all my studies had been focused on our physical being. How can I help myself and others crush the physical pain we’re experiencing. I always knew that the mind plays a massive role in our health and wellbeing, what we believe is our truth, what we believe becomes what we feel. I had experimented with affirmations and visualisations, only to find myself wanting all sorts of things but never seeing any change. Was I doing it wrong?

PSYCH-K provided me the answers I was looking for and enabled me to finally make the brain-body connection. You probably came across someone at some point in your life telling you that it’s all between your ears. Even though I always thought it to be true, I never know how to access the brain. I never understood why some clients would follow advice instantly without any resistance and others wouldn’t even get started. After becoming a PSYCH-K facilitator I now know how to change deep beliefs. I can communicate with my subconscious and yours, and change perceptions and feelings.

The fusion of your mind and your body is where Rehab to High-Performance transforms lives quickly and efficiently. Aligning yourself with the outcome and creating a smart action plan to reach your ultimate goal, being healthy and moving freely.

I can only be grateful for my own journey and would love to help you with yours.

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