An introduction to Rehab to High-Performance.

rehab to high-performance

Being a Personal Trainer is great and I absolutely love it. We get to know people and connect on a personal basis. We are able to spend more time with clients and get to learn a lot more about the client than doctors or other medical professionals do because they are often restricted on time.

When I was a competitive athlete playing basketball I suffered quite a few injuries. My journey to become pain free is what sparked my passion for the human body and how to help people recover from injuries.

This is blog will be plain and simple. A way for you to help yourself. A way to learn from the techniques and methodologies I’ve picked up over the years from different teachers and mentors. Most blog posts will be accompanied by a video so that you can see what I’m actually talking about. When I learn something new I need to see and do it. I hope you enjoy the videos and join me in this journey where I want to give you an insight of how I think and how I approach injuries with my clients.

The goal, for me, is simple. I am here to coach you from being injured to getting healthy. After regaining your health I want you to become unstoppable. With being unstoppable I mean that you will become stronger, faster, healthier than ever before. Before got you injured, I want to coach you to a bulletproof body so that you can enjoy life and do whatever you want to do without being in pain. This can be competing at the highest level of your sport, playing in the garden with your (grand)children or making it up and down the stairs safely.

Injured to Healthy
Healthy to Unstoppable

Today’s pain is tomorrow’s strength.